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Miss T ESL Stories
Reading stories for young ESL students work well. If you engage them with the story-line, make them 
play it, repeat some catchy lines after you, pretend they are the characters and lots of other ways you can make them enjoy the story, use the language and have fun with learning through it.

Rabbits don't lay eggs

Get the class attention and teach them about spring, Easter and some farm animals with this entertaining story book!

Daisy has the hiccups

Daisy has the Hiccups contains two stories and a poem. Daisy is the main character of both stories. She is the little sister in the…

Room on the broom

Another witty and fun English story. You can read aloud at Halloween for primary ESL students.

Little Witch

The Little Witch is a short Halloween English story for very young kids.

Commotion in the ocean

 Commotion in the ocean is another great story that your pre-school learners and even lower primary ESL students would love to listen to with amazing pictures…