Halloween bingo to practice vocabulary

Level/Age group:

This game is suitable for primary school ESL students who can read

Aim of the game:

To practice Halloween vocabulary and have fun with the children

What you need:

Bingo cards

How to play:

Before the group starts to play, you need to check out if students know the meanings and pronounciation. Give out the ready made bingo cards to each of the pupils. Let them familiarise the contents of the cards. Then begin to say the words. Called out words have to be covered on their cards. Make them use pumpkin seeds for covering. It is a nice way to get your ESL class into the Halloween mood. Whoever manages to put all six pumpkin seeds on the words, has to shout out BINGO! And wins the game.

Possible extention:

If you teach younger learners they can draw a story with the words on their cards. Then tell the class about the picture.
In case you have more advanced students, it would be an extention to let them make up a little story with their given words.


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