Tiddler is another great choice when you teach young ESL students in your class. Either you have pre-school or lower primary ESL class, it is guaranteed that your kids are going love Tiddler.


/Tiddler_Main-esl-books-missteslThe story is simple and yet interesting and funny with beautiful pictures, you can teach underwater creatures.

You can also ask your young children to describe pictures or predict what is going to happen next.

The key is, involving ESL students with the story. 

You can reinforce underwater animal vocabulary and teach your ESL pupils new adjectives. You also have some follow up activities that your ESL class could enjoy.

Young learners find them interesting. So look for the activities in the worksheet and the arts and crafts session.


1. Tiddler characters colouring pages

2. Count and colour!

Arts and crafts:

Mosaic fish


Tiddler's story on The Book Depository

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