Chinese New Year Postcard

Chinese New Year is just round the corner!

You can make postcards with your kids to take home and enjoy to teach them some interesting things about China. The basic colours of this festival are red and gold. So whatever you are making, try to use them as much as you can.

For making the card you will need:

Red, orange and green construction paper
A template of the Chinese letter saying: Spring (Did you know that Chinese New Year is basically about celebrating the arrival of Spring?)
Gold felt-tip pen
Gold glitter

How to make it:


Here they are the simple steps with some pictures:

1. Fold the red paper in half. Trace the template of the Chinese letter on the right side of the paper.

2. Colour the inside of the letter with gold felt-tip pen.

3. Use the orange paper to cut out a bigger and a smaller circle shape. Stick them on the left side of the card.

4. For the next step you will need the green paper. Trace the leaf template, cut them out and stick them on the card.

5. Now we are almost ready. Put a little bit of glue on the oranges and sprinkle some gold glitter on top.


I hope you and your kids like it!

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