Letter to newly qualified teachers

Must have list for Newly Qualified Teachers Collection of some important advice to follow by experienced teachers

teacher advice missteslWell done and welcome to a new world! You made it. Probably you are full of hopes, promises, some doubts and a lot of energy. You must be very excited as the new school year finds you on the other side of the desk with a class of children listening to you and hopefully following whatever you say.
Well, August is here and finds some of us back in the classroom. Wouldn't it be great to have a little list to help you prepare yourself for September? There is a list with real answers by experienced teachers who are on the field for years. Consider them and choose whichever feels like good for you. After the question what they suggest you not to miss, they come up with the following answers (uncut):

• Stamps and stickers! Lolly sticks for names and an answer item, I use the "ball of power" (tiny foam football - person holding it gives you the answer to questions and they nominate each other)
• Comfy shoes and a nice warm coat for playground duties.
• Multivitamins.
• A slow cooker! Seriously - after 11 hour days and no time to eat lunch. I was STARVING on my way home - which meant eating takeaways. Or, if I did have something in to cook I was too tired. With a slow cooker - bung everything in of a morning and ready when you get home. You can have all the fancy things in the world in your classroom but if you don't look after yourself the kids will suffer too. Slow cooker saved my life! (And my waistline and my bank balance!)
• "Not Quite a Teacher" by Tom Bennet
• Notepads. Stickers. Laminator
• Loads of plastic wallets and files to keep everything organised and labelled
Jumpstart books for literacy and maths along with everything else the others put.
• Whistle for playground duty.
Gonoodle for brain breaks.
• A bigger surface area for paperwork

• Check Pinterest boards for back to school ideas
• Lottery tickets :)
• Lots of tubs of sweets for your teacher cupboard (keeps the TAs happy)
TES iboard
• Bottle of wine to celebrate
Back to school book to read
• Membership to twinkl! Great for resources
• Hotter shoes, a good staple gun, good collection of stickers and plenty of sites to download resources from.
• Start your planning now. Collect as many resources as possible.
• Spa day or a week in the sun at half term!
Class management tips.
• A Urbrainy subscription  is brill for maths sheets too. All differentiated and linked to new nc :) and defo twinkl!
• Enjoy having a life until September!!!
• Stamps and stickers
• Paracetamol
• Anti-bac and lots of it!
• Lots of green pens for marking as you can never find one!
• A paper cutter
• Camomile tea and a gym subscription to keep you fit for fight.
• Skip the gym subscription, cycle to school!
remote control car missteslGood quality remote control cars. Get kids to write spell words in large letters on A4 paper and place on floor. Allow children to call out the words as they run over them.
• Nerf guns get kids to write words on A4 paper say word spell word put word in sentence then shoot it.
• Speed.
• Get a cleaner for your own place you will be lucky to find time to do household chores.
• Whistle. Blue tack. Red/green pens. Paper clips. Highlighters. Stapler. Desk tidies for kids' tables and your desk. Rain stick or tambourine (nice attention grabbers - I use both!). Paul Jennings books if you're in Year 5 or 6 - kids are mesmerised by them. Elastic bands. Large foam dice. Magnetic board wiper. Anti bac multi purpose spray. Hand soap. Hand sanitiser. Drawing pins.
• And good luck!

Of course it is an endless list so to improve it you are always welcome to add more ideas.

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