Incy wincy spider Preschool & Kindergarten

The Incy Wincy Spider is an all time favourite nursery song. We can say it is a must teach or must know song about a little spider trying to reach up to the top of the spout. You can teach directions like up, down or out and also some weather vocabulary with it. After your class sings the song, it is nice to do this follow up activity with your children to make them practice and grasp new words.
Show the picture dictation worksheet and explain them they have to complete it with some drawing and colouring. Ask kids what they can see in the picture. Also ask about some colours. Not only the ones, you know, they have to use but some others, as well. It gives you a chance to repeat and reinforce colours with your class. You can make children practice numbers too by asking how many clouds, raindrops, sunrays, etc they can count.
Finally read the sentences out loud. Slowly, one by one. Repeat them if needed.
Have fun!

1. Draw three more legs for the spider.
2. Colour the spout green.
3. Draw nine more raindrops. (How many raindrops can you count now?)
4. Draw a happy sun.
5. Colour the sun yellow.
6. Draw a rainbow between the sun and the clouds.
7. Colour the clouds (dark) blue.


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