About Miss T.

Welcome to Miss T. ESL,

My name is Lili Thomson or as many know me Miss Thomson. Hence comes the name Miss T. The site has been created to collect and keep in an easy and reachable way my favourite activities from the ESL classroom. During the years the site has seen numerous changes in design, content and even branding. We moved from our old domain to a more compact and spellable address in 2015 which brought several structural changes, as well.

On the site, you can find various activities to make life easier in the classroom as an English teacher. Although, I personally don’t like worksheets, there are certain situations when they are needed. Therefore, you can find some for exam preparations and others for satisfying parents.
During the years a couple of passionate teachers have contributed to the site and we are always happy to offer a platform to anyone who would like to share knowledge to make a world a better place.

Our permanent team includes Lilli Thomson from Banbury, UK. She has got a degree as Primary teacher specialized in English and children with special needs. She left the UK after several years teaching in Primary Schools to enhance her professional development with overseas experience. After teaching English as a foreign language for various age groups, at different level, she started working in a Montessori school in Madrid as an English Early childhood guide. Although she loved the Montessori method, she took an opportunity to dive deep into the IB’s PYP programme and she still works as a year 6 PYP teacher in the north of Madrid. You can best connect her on twitter @misstesl.

The other part of the team is Thomas Swan also from Banbury, UK. His responsibilities include everything behind the scenes work. Site development, design, outreach, customizations and sometimes writing a couple of articles. He is also an English teacher but rather by chance than by passion. He lives in Madrid for more than a decade now working for companies as an in-house business English advisor.

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If you have any question about our site or you would like to contribute to the site you can get in touch with us through our contact us page.

Thank you for using our site!